What are QuaverNotes and how can I use them?

As a QuaverMusic user, you may encounter something called QuaverNotes.

What are QuaverNotes?

QuaverNotes act as a virtual currency on the student side of the site. Students can use QuaverNotes to purchase virtual goods for their avatar (clothes, instruments, etc.) They do not expire!

How can a teacher use QuaverNotes?

While there is not a way for students to earn QuaverNotes on the site, the Quaver Team offers a monthly code for 100 QuaverNotes. Teachers can use these codes as an incentive for students to log into Quaver and make music.

How do I know what the code is?

We put this code in our weekly email newsletter, The Beat, but you can also contact us at any time for the most recent code.

How can students redeem the code?

To redeem the QuaverNotes code:

  1. Go to QuaverMusic.com
  2. Click ENTER A CODE on the Student Dashboard.
  3. Enter the code and click OK.
  4. Boom-Chicka-Boom! You now have QuaverNotes.