Account Provisioning

For districts that integrate Single Sign On (SSO) functionality with, users will go through a one-time account provisioning step. This step allows users to link their SSO account to an existing Quaver account. This is particularly important for teachers who have access to licensed content or have customized resources in their Quaver account.

Users will only have to complete this step once. The instructions below will walk SSO users through the account provisioning process. You can also download the SSO Account Provisioning Instructions PDF.

1. Sign in to your district’s website, portal, computer desktop, or LMS where the Single Sign On link is configured. (If you are not sure where the link is, contact your friendly district IT specialist).

2. The first time you access using your district’s access portal you will have the opportunity to continue using a pre-existing Quaver account if you have one. If you want to continue using a pre-existing Quaver account, make sure to click Yes and move on to step 3. Otherwise, click No and skip to step 4.

3. Enter your account information and click Submit. This will link your pre-existing Quaver account with your district account. You will only have to do this once!

4. Now you are logged in at the Quaver Street! From now on, you should log in through your district login link to make signing into Quaver a snap!