Single Sign On

About Single Sign On

What is Single Sign On (SSO)?

Simply put, Single Sign On with QuaverEd is when a user logs into QuaverEd from another platform. This means the user doesn’t need to create or enter any Quaver-specific credentials to get into Quaver.

Why use Single Sign On with QuaverEd?

A Single Sign On integration with QuaverEd offers three main benefits:

  • Simplify User Access: Single Sign On (SSO) makes it easier for users to access QuaverEd by allowing them to log in using a familiar district platform. With a SSO integration, users can access Quaver directly from your district’s platform, without needing to create or enter any username or password specific to Quaver. This is especially powerful for students, who may find it challenging to remember where to go and what credentials to enter across the many educational apps they use.
  • Reduce Manual Data Entry: When users access Quaver from another platform using SSO, Quaver can pull key information such as names into our program. This way, when students enter a Class Code to enroll in a Quaver class, their name will be populated into the teacher’s Quaver roster automatically! No need for teachers to enter student names manually.
Student names
  • Support Automated Rostering: Quaver also supports automated rostering integrations, in which Quaver classes and rosters are automatically synced with the data in your district’s Student Information System. Automated rostering must be paired with a SSO integration. You can learn more about automated rostering here.
Quaver Gradebook example

Partner Platform Support

QuaverEd supports Single Sign On integrations with many leading educational platforms, and we are expanding this list all the time! Currently, some of the major partner platforms we integrate with include:

  • ClassLink
  • Clever
  • Sign in with Google
  • Schoology
  • Canvas
  • itsLearning
  • Identity Automation
  • and more!

Don’t see your platform on this list? Don’t worry! QuaverEd supports SAML/ADFS/LDAP and LTI (Oauth1) integrations with any platform! Contact our team at with questions.

Simply click the link for your platform from the list to learn more.

Ready to get started? Have your IT Administrator contact our team at to get started!