Infinite Campus API Setup

How to set up Infinite Campus API data exchange with Quaver

Step 1: Generate InfiniteCampus API credentials for QuaverEd

  1. Login to InfiniteCampus as an administrator
  2. Navigate to System Administration -> User Security -> OAuth Management -> OAuth Client Management.
  1. Click New to create a new credential record.
  2. Enter QuaverEd into the Client Name field.
  3. Enter QuaverEd into the Consumer Key field (following the hard-coded prefix).
  4. Click Save.

Note the Infinite Campus API Host Name (Base URL)Consumer Key, and Consumer Secret – they will be necessary to complete the Infinite Campus Integration in QuaverEd. Click the checkbox to Show Secret Text if hidden.

Note: Infinite Campus uses the terms Consumer Key and Consumer Secret synonymously with username and password.

Step 2: Share QuaverEd API credentials with QuaverEd Integrations support

Contact our Integrations support team at and provide the credentials generated in Step 1. Quaver’s integration team will configure our systems to use your InfiniteCampus API connection to roster students and teachers who login via your selected SSO method.

Step 3: Testing

Remember that an InfiniteCampus rostering integration with QuaverEd also requires users to be able to login via a Single Sign On integration as well.

To test that the roster sync is working properly, have a licensed Quaver teacher log in via a configured Single Sign On platform. When a licensed Quaver teacher has successfully logged in through SSO and reached their Quaver account they should see their rosters activated in Quaver.

Step 4: Release

When we have confirmed everything is working as expected, we will go ahead and release your integration on our end.

Please note that all Quaver teachers must log in through a configured Single Sign On platform to activate the roster syncing with Quaver.