Frequently Asked Questions

This page is a growing library of frequently asked questions about QuaverEd resources. If you don’t find an answer here, feel free to contact our team directly.

  • If I sign up for a preview then my school purchases the curriculum, will I be able to keep the custom content in my account?
    Yes! Your custom content will remain as long as you use the same username used for the preview. Contact our wonderful Customer Support if you have any questions.
  • I’m not receiving emails from Quaver but would like to be, what do I do?
    Many schools employ firewalls that keep all emails out unless the sender is on their “Safe Sender” list.

    If you, or your school or district, is not receiving emails from Quaver, we may need to be added to your “Safe Sender” list. This is also known as “whitelisting.”

    If your whole school or district is not receiving emails from Quaver, your IT administrator will need to add Campaign Monitor to your school or district’s Safe Sender list. Campaign Monitor is the service used to send all Quaver emails. Your IT administrator should be familiar with how to do this within your network and it will allow all recipients to receive our emails.

    IT administrators can use this Help page provided by Campaign Monitor to learn more about whitelisting their addresses.

    Teachers may also want to check their Spam folder to ensure communication from Quaver is not landing there. If it is, please mark it as NOT SPAM.
  • Why am I seeing a notification about entering a mobile code?
    Occasionally, you or your students may see a notification about entering a mobile code.

    Typically, this screen appears when you or a student is logged out of a Quaver account. You can be automatically logged out if you left your screen running for an extended period of time.

    Exit out of your browser window and reenter the site, logging out and logging back in again.

    This screen can also appear when a student tries to access a link from the teacher side of the site. For example, if you send a link to a student that you copy and pasted from ClassPlay when logged into a teacher account, students will receive this screen when they try to click on it and access the activity.

    If you would like students to access a specific resource, it must be assigned. For more information on assigning resources, visit the Teacher Admin Help article.

  • Do you have resources for students to take home?
    Students can create their own student accounts to receive assignments. Quaver does have unlimited printables that could be used for take-home assignments.
  • What are QuaverNotes and how can I use them?
    Please see our article on QuaverNotes.
  • Can I download QuaverMusic songs to use in a program or performance?
    Yes! You can download most Quaver songs as MP3’s directly from ClassPlay. Login and navigate to ClassPlay, where you can search for your desired song(s) and download by clicking the blue button, marked below. If you can’t find your song available download, please reach out to

    Note: Certain songs are licensed for streaming only and are not available for download.
  • Can music teachers use QuaverSEL?
    QuaverSEL is for any teacher! Music teachers may find the SEL songs a great addition in the classroom and potential school performances.
  • Does QuaverSEL have lessons on empathy?
    Each grade, K-5th, has a lesson specifically on empathy. These can be found in Lesson 23. However, there are also other lessons that teach and reinforce empathy, such as 5th Grade Lesson 15, “My Friend Has a Problem,” and 4th Grade Lesson 19, “Reading Body Language.”