Downloadable Extras

Parent Communications

New 2020 Quickstart Guide!

This easy-to-follow two-page guide introduces students to the options available to them at, and includes a place to write their username and password.

Parent Welcome Letters

Digital Wallpapers

Digital Email Badges

Add a digital Quaver badge to your email signature to show off your Quaver pride!


Check-In Tool

Identify how you, or your students, feel about a topic or issue at hand with this colorful discussion tool!

Are you at the top of the tree in your understanding or confidence about a topic, or hanging from the branches?

No answer is incorrect, but using this visual as a starting point can be a great jumping off point for discussion or self-evaluation.  

Download this graphic as an image to add to your lesson or as a printable 11×17 poster below.

Music Worksheets

Check out these examples of resources your students can do from home! Click the blue button below to download as a PDF.

My Rock Interview

Students can use this worksheet to interview caregivers or other older friends and family members to find out their history of rock.

Beat Shopping

If you went to the note shop with 10 beats to spend, what different combinations of notes could you buy? How about 15 beats? Or even 20?

Make a Shaker

Make your own percussion instrument from common household items!

Fishy Visual Arts

Decorate your fish with bright colors and patterns, glue it on heavyweight paper, then cut it out and attach it with glue to a popsicle stick. Listen to Saint-Saëns’s “Aquarium”from “Carnival of Animals.” Move your fish up and down with the direction of the melody!

Clap a Rhythm

Fill in the empty measures with your own notes and rests so they add up to four beats. Use half, quarter, and eighth notes and rests. Then clap your rhythm!

My Pitch Family

Ask three friends or family members to sing their lowest and highest pitches. Write their names down in pitch order from HIGHEST to LOWEST.

Secret Messages

Quaver has sent you a secret message, but some of the leers are missing and have been replaced with NOTES. Can you decipher the message and answer the question?

My Dynamic Story

Fill in the blanks to a story with appropriate dynamic words. Use the best word in the list that fits the sentence. Then, write your own DYNAMIC sentence!

SEL Worksheets

I’m Thankful for You

Think of an important person in your life and fill in the blanks to create a song to sing to the melody of “London Bridge.”

How to Save the Planet

Fill in the missing lyrics with an idea to save the planet!

Wheel of Reflection

This worksheet encourages students to reflect on their own work and helps to build evaluation skills.

Stress Deflators

This worksheet acts as a tool for students to identify strategies for managing their stress. They can use this list whenever they feel overwhelmed or stressed!

Put Your Passion into Action

Help students identify their passions! This worksheet encourages students to think about their passions. It also asks students to think about how they can identify and impact needs in their community and the world.

How’s Your Day?

This emotions journal encourages students to think back on their day and their week and identify emotions that they felt on each day. Why did they feel that way?

Did you know?

QuaverMusic and QuaverSEL users can also find printable resources in Resource Manager. Type a keyword in the search bar in Resource Manager and click the dark blue PRINTABLES tab to see what’s available.