District IT Integrations

Whitelisting Instructions

Access to QuaverEd resources is granted via login to a secure website experience by a teacher or student account.

To ensure teachers and students are able to access their curriculum resources and assignments, please ask your IT department to whitelist all subdomains of the following domains:

  • quavered.com
  • quavermusic.com
  • quaversel.com
  • quavermic.com

Whitelisting these domains will prevent students and teachers from experiencing any barriers to their QuaverEd resources, including the possibility of the website being restricted or blocked by a school or district server.

If an IT professional needs additional information, please contact us, and we will be happy to offer additional answers or support!

Single Sign-On

Your district IT department can work with QuaverEd’s integration team to get this functionality up and running in your district. Please review our Help Pages for information on integrating with our supported SSO types.

To begin an SSO integration, please have your IT administrator contact QuaverEd at implementation@QuaverEd.com.

Rostering Methods

QuaverEd understands that no two districts are the same, so we have created several ways to build class rosters in the QuaverEd platform. Below we explain different methods for rostering.

Method 1: Rostering Integration

A full rostering integration involves QuaverEd receiving roster data in bulk directly from your district’s SIS or other roster data provider, usually on a nightly basis. QuaverEd then processes that data and automatically creates and updates classes and students in Quaver. 

QuaverEd supports rostering integrations via three methods:

  • OneRoster CSVs delivered via sFTP (1.0 or 1.1)
  • ClassLink OneRoster API
  • Google Classroom API

Note that any rostering integration with QuaverEd requires also integrating with the Single Sign-On protocol used by your district.

Method 2: Student Self-Enrollment

This rostering method requires teachers to to create their QuaverEd classes manually and have students enroll in those classes by entering a Class Code. While this method requires effort from the students and teachers, it requires no work from the IT department and can be an effective method to get music classes up and running quickly in QuaverEd. 

Note that if your district is using a SAML/ADFS, LTI, or Clever Single Sign-On method, student self-enrollment will provide all of the benefits of rostering – QuaverEd gradebook functionality, assignment functionality, and student Interactives access. 

Method 3: QuaverEd Student Data Import

This rostering method requires that teachers and IT teams work together to prepare a student import file. The IT department can export student information into a spreadsheet. Teachers can then create their QuaverEd classes and enter the corresponding Class Codes in that spreadsheet, in order to enroll all of their students.

Data Sharing Agreements

QuaverEd is willing to sign Data Sharing Agreements that protect student and teacher data.  We will comply with FERPA, COPPA, and any state laws regarding data sharing.

QuaverEd will not sell or otherwise use the data for marketing purposes. We further agree to report any breaches of the data to the district upon discovery and present our plan for remediation.

Please review our complete Privacy Policy.

If you still experience issues after performing the steps and checks above, please email us at TechSupport@QuaverEd.com or call (866)917-3633 on weekdays from 7am-6pm for immediate phone assistance.