Quaver and Schoology

Schoology is a powerful tool for distance teaching! It’s also a wonderful partner for teachers with QuaverEd resources at their disposal. Consider this your first stop in the journey to combine Quaver and Schoology in a way that works for you and your students.

This interactive webinar, recorded on September 10, 2020, features Emily Hopkins and Quaver Teacher Ambassador Katie Gant exploring all the ways you can use Quaver inside of Schoology!

Content Sharing

Schoology can be used to host links to individual Quaver activities. This does not require a student login to Quaver. Explore how to generate these links here!

Once you’ve generated a link to share, consider the following steps for adding them to Schoology.

  • Visit your Schoology resources.
  • Select the Add Resources drop-down menu and select Add Link.
  • Paste your generated Quaver link and title it.
  • Schoology already recognizes that Quaver screens can be embedded!  The icon should be blue. When you hover over the icon it says “Display in Schoology.” Select Add.
  • When you’re ready to share with students, select the gear icon and Add to Course.

Schoology can also be used to direct students to complete assignments in their individual Quaver accounts. This requires a student login to Quaver.

Teacher Tips and FAQ

Consider some of these helpful tips from Quaver Ambassador Katie Gant and explore answers to some frequently asked questions regarding Quaver and Schoology!

Can Quaver assessments be graded via Schoology?

  • Unfortunately, no. Quaver assessments cannot be graded in Schoology.  However, it only takes a few minutes to recreate the multiple-choice quizzes and assessments in Schoology manually.

Do I select “publish” for the students to see their lessons when you add to a course in Schoology?

  • Yes, you should publish resources when you add them to a course if you want the students to see it right away.  Keep them unpublished until you are ready to share with students. 
  • There is an option in Resources that allows teachers to “Share in Public Resources.”  Quaver resources should not be shared publicly.

Is there a way for students to save their Quaver assignment scores in Schoology? 

  • Students can submit scores through assignments on Schoology.  You could have them send the score to you by text or with a screenshot of the score.


QuaverEd supports Single Sign-On Integrations with Schoology. For more on that process, please direct your IT team to our integration support documentation.