Quaver and Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a powerful tool for distance teaching! It’s also a wonderful partner for teachers with QuaverEd resources at their disposal. Consider this your first stop in the journey to combine Quaver and Google Classroom in a way that works for you and your students.

This interactive webinar, recorded on August 28, 2020, features Emily Hopkins and Quaver Teacher Ambassador Andrea Hutchison exploring all the ways you can use Quaver inside of your Google Classroom!

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Content Sharing

Google Classroom can be used to host links to individual Quaver activities. This does not require a student login to Quaver.

Check out this teacher-submitted how to on building a Bitmoji classroom with Quaver resources.

Explore this step-by-step for using Quaver’s resource links in your Google Classroom.

Google Classroom can also be used to direct students to complete assignments in their individual Quaver accounts. This requires a student login to Quaver.

Teacher Tips

Quaver Ambassador Andrea Hutchison put together these helpful tips for successful asynchronous music assignments through Google Classroom:

  1. In Google Classroom, turn off posts and comments for students when you set up your classes. They can still message you privately, but no one else sees their comments.
  2. Post general instructions at the top of the stream. Add audio or video instructions for struggling readers.
  3. Post all assignments under the “Classwork” tab. Create Topics to organize them over time. 
  4. Keep the first lesson simple. The goal for the first week is to learn how to navigate this new platform.
  5. Add audio or video instructions to your lesson if you can. I used the Google Extension “Simple Audio Recorder” and read the instructions out loud. If you’re interested, I can write another post about that. 
  6. Provide an easy way to find out who completed the lesson. I added a Google Form with one question at the end of the lesson. “Which song was your favorite?” is an easy one. 
  7. Give yourself some grace. If they don’t all get it the first week, make the next week the same with only a few changes (different songs or activities, but same look and instructions). 
  8. It’s not going to be perfect, and that’s okay. Teaching in person is not perfect, and we handle it every day. It just looks different now. Your kids will learn how to do this, and they will become more independent learners, which is what we want, right? Right! 


Google tools can also be used to make account creation and access easier for students. QuaverEd supports Google Single Sign On and Rostering integrations. For more on that process, please direct your IT team to our integration support documentation.