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The QuaverEd team hosts a number of 30-60 minute webinars throughout the year. These live events encourage community and ongoing professional development for teachers and members of the community.

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QuaverSEL Webinar- Unmasking Your Feelings – October 20, 2020

As human beings, we are experiencing multiple strong emotions. As educators, we are also being asked to experience our students’ strong emotions. So how do we manage our difficult emotions while working with students? How do we keep it together with our students when we may feel like we are falling apart on the inside? Oftentimes we mask how we feel on the inside just to get through the day. This 30-minute webinar will explore ways to use QuaverSEL to manage difficult emotions, so we can unmask our feelings.

What’s New at Q? – October 20, 2020

The Quaver team has been hard at work adding new content and features to the QuaverMusic resources. Join Graham Hepburn and Emily Hopkins for this special webinar to find out What’s New at Q!

QuaverSEL Webinar- Managing Burnout – October 15, 2020

As we move into the fall and settle into the school year, our energy may be fading or burning out. If you find yourself having screen or school fatigue, you are not alone. This 30 minute webinar will define different types of burnout and give you two practical and immediate ways to use QuaverSEL to help you manage your burnout. Leave the webinar with a greater sense of self-awareness and tools to reignite your flame.

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