QuaverCon 2020

Thanks for making QuaverCon the biggest music education event of the summer!

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Session Replays and Slides

Day 1 Sessions

QuaverCon 2020: Day 1 Kickoff

Graham Hepburn

Quaver himself kicks off the fun with a welcome to attendees and introduces a fun Quaver Contest for (live) attendees to participate in over the next 2 days!

QuaverCon 2020: Active Music-Making in a Digital Classroom

Toni Garza – Valerie Diaz Leroy – Otto Gross

How do we encourage active music-making when students are stuck at home? How can we use digital tools to enhance musical experiences for our students? This session will discuss activities and resources that teachers can use to keep students performing and engaging in musical experiences through a digital classroom.

QuaverCon 2020: Quaver PLC with Jim Meske

Jim Meske

Teachers will be given a chance to debrief about what active music-making might look like in their classrooms after the keynote session. Attendees will be placed in break out rooms to discuss ideas and takeaways from the session with others.

QuaverCon 2020: HigherEd Program Showcase

Catie Dwinal – Cameron Keith Walls

This showcase is all about the Quaver Higher Education program, which focuses on empowering the next generation of music educators with Quaver resources to use in their future classrooms. In this session, we will discover more about the free resources the Quaver Higher Ed Program provides and how Quaver is helping to strengthen the future of education.

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QuaverCon 2020: What’s New At Q!

Emily Hopkins

QuaverMusic is always growing to meet the needs of teachers around the world. We develop new resources based on feedback from our teachers and students to create fun and engaging tools and projects. In this session attendees will learn more about some exciting projects we are working on. Come take a look at what’s new as we give you a behind-the-scenes look at how your suggestions evolve from a concept into new content for you and your students.

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QuaverCon 2020: Engaging With Q Creatives

Angela Mangum

Come explore the QCreatives! We will explore ways to engage students in higher-order thinking skills through composing with the elements of music. Ideas for lessons and student projects will be presented.

QuaverCon 2020: What is SEL? How does it impact the Music Classroom?

Sharon Cho – Lindsey Jackson – Elizabeth King

What is Social-Emotional Learning and how does it impact the music room? This session will give teachers an overview of the QuaverSEL resources while also establishing a foundation of SEL skills that can be applied in their own classrooms.

QuaverCon 2020: Composition with a Click

Graham Hepburn

Music technology is an integral piece to how music is created and produced. As we prepare students for potential careers in, or at the very least an appreciation for music, we must also consider the tools they have at their fingertips to make their ideas come alive. In this session, explore the composition tools found in Quaver and the seamless transition they offer as students create, click, and orchestrate using the power of advanced musical resources.

QuaverCon 2020: Music Center Maestros: Tips, Tricks, and Tools from Quaver!

Catie Dwinal – Michele Hobizal

Music Centers are a wonderful way to put learning into the hands of your students. Giving them the tools they need during lesson instruction empowers them to become music-makers on their own. Centers can also allow for students to experience music from a variety of entry points: listening, composing, playing, creating, and more! Using tech-based and non-tech tools in Quaver, teachers will walk away with a better understanding of how students will strengthen their understanding of musical topics and skills by being exposed to a variety of resources through Centers.

Day 2 Sessions

QuaverCon 2020: Day 2 Welcome

Otto Gross

Austin Otto kicks off Day 2 of QuaverCon with a fun welcome to attendees.

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QuaverCon 2020: Cultural Competence in the Music Classroom

Toni Garza – Sharon Cho – Val Diaz Leroy

How do we build connections between our students and the music we explore in our classrooms? Teachers will begin to understand how to develop and differentiate culturally responsive, culturally relevant, and multicultural models of teaching music while learning to support music literacy, develop independent learners, and nurture a culture of respect in the 21st-century music classroom.

QuaverCon 2020: Success Stories with Distance Teaching

Quaver Teachers! Hosted by Toni Garza

Every teacher has been there. You take a risk trying something new in your classroom. It’s scary, but when it works, it’s so worth it! In a time of distance teaching, some of our dedicated Quaver teachers share ways taking a risk with technology has paid off with great results with their students. Participants will walk away with tried and tested activities they can implement with confidence! 

Supporting Resources:

QuaverCon 2020: Morning Movement Break

Ashley Perry

A morning stretch and movement break! Let’s get ready for an amazing conference by starting off active and engaged with some movement activities.

QuaverCon 2020: Bridging the Gap Between Elementary and Middle School Music

Emily Hopkins – Michele Hobizal

How do we encourage active music-making when students are stuck at home? How can we use digital tools to enhance musical experiences for our students? This session will discuss activities and resources that teachers can use to keep students performing and engaging in musical experiences through a digital classroom.

QuaverCon 2020: Connecting Qmunities With Digital Tools

Angela Mangum

Connecting Qmunities through virtual performances and video 101. Singing and playing music together from a distance- No Problem! From informal virtual music making to formal virtual performances, teachers can bring students together through Student Record Screens and Virtual Classrooms. Video production allows the music of the students to be heard and shared. Let’s get started! 


QuaverCon 2020: Quaver Full-Day Pre-K for Texas

Carlie Phillips – Elizabeth King

QuaverEd presents an overview of the new Quaver Full Day Pre-K Curriculum for general education teachers. Join Carlie Phillips, our Texas Sales Director, as she walks you through all of the exciting new resources now available to Pre-K general education teachers.

QuaverCon 2020: The Soundtrack of Humanity

Graham Hepburn

This keynote session is meant to inspire you as you prepare for the school year ahead and whatever challenges you may face. 

QuaverCon 2020: The Panel!

Your QuaverCon team. moderated by Graham Hepburn

All of the QuaverEd Instructional Coaches and Clinicians come together in a panel to discuss topics and questions submitted from the attendees.

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