QuaverSEL Video Training

Get to know QuaverSEL in these video tutorials!

Getting Professional Development?

These tutorials are perfect for a self-led or group professional development session to orient teachers and counselors to QuaverSEL. Complete our PD Credit Application and submit to your district (make sure to get prior approval!)

Note: QuaverEd curriculum resources are frequently updated with new content and functionality. Because of this, training videos may be out of date. Thank you for your patience as we work to update these videos. If your screen does not match the training video, please refer to our Product Guides and How-To articles for up-to-date information.

  1. Welcome
  2. Introducing QuaverSEL
  3. Login Basics
  4. Your Teacher Dashboard
  5. Easy-to-Launch Lessons
  6. Resource Manager and Library
  7. Introducing SELMusic
  8. Create Your Own Resources
  9. Ongoing Help
  10. Peace Corner Scripts and Interventions

Digging Deeper into Resource Creation

  1. Resource Creation Overview
  2. Adding a Multimedia Screen
  3. Adding a Checklist Screen
  4. Adding a Quiz Challenge Screen
  5. Adding a Custom Quiz Screen
  6. Adding a Rubric Screen
  7. Adding a Student Recording Screen
  8. Adding a Teacher Recording Screen
  9. Adding an Audio File Screen
  10. Adding a File Screen
  11. Adding a Weblink Screen
  12. Adding a YouTube Screen