Meet the Training Team

Sharon Cho

Role at QuaverEd: 
Instructional Coach & Clinician
SEL Lead Trainer

BME, University of Illinois -Urbana/Champaign
M. ED – Lipscomb University

Fun Fact:
Doesn’t like chocolate!

Emotion is the genesis of learning.

Experience Highlights:

  • Music Teacher/ Behavior Specialist (Elementary)
  • AP Music Theory, AICE, AP Chem, Piano, General Music, Graduation Coach (High School)
  • Music Director: (6-12, Littlestone Academy)
  • Instructional Coach (K-12)
  • Professional Vocal Coach
  • Grammy Certificate: Background Vocalist


  • Instructional Coaching Degree & Certificate
  • K-12 Teaching License (IL & TN)
  • Orff Level I
  • Korean Global: Translator
  • AP Music Theory Certification

Session Highlights:

  • Cultural Competence
  • Music and SEL
  • Instructional Coaching

Catie Dwinal

Role at QuaverEd: 
Customer Advocate
Edtech Specialist

BS, Plymouth State University
MS, Kansas State University

Fun Fact:
Once worked in a lighting showroom in sales and repairs.

My lifelong mission is to help teachers find the right tools and resources for them, making using technology in instruction easy and less complicated. Take one new thing and make a habit of using it often!

Experience Highlights:

  • 8 years of teaching experience
  • Taught PreK-5th Music
  • Elementary music technology specialist
  • 2014 TI:ME Teacher of the Year


  • Apple Teacher Certified
  • Responsive Classroom 1 and 2

Session Highlights:

  • Mobile Devices in the Music Room
  • Digital Field Trips
  • 21st Century Skills in the Music Room

Toni Garza

Role at QuaverEd: 
Instructional Coach & Clinician

BM, Berklee College of Music
MBA, Southern New Hampshire University

Fun Fact:
Loves elephants! Toni has elephant decor all over her home and office!

As teachers, we often struggle with thinking that we are chained to our classrooms. I’ve heard phrases like ‘teaching is all I know how to do’ from the educators I work with. My response is always the same: ‘You’re a teacher. You can do anything!‘”

Experience Highlights:

  • Boston & Metro Nashville Public Schools Teacher
  • General Music (Pre-K-8th) Grade, Choir (6-8th Grade), General Education (4th Grade)
  • Disney Musicals in Schools Director
  • MNPS Side-by-Side Music Coach


  • Orff Level I 
  • Responsive Classroom
  • Project-Based Learning 101
  • Lipscomb’s Instructional Coaching and Tech Coaching Academies

Session Highlights:

  • Building a Middle School General Music Curriculum from Scratch
  • Cultural Competence in the Music Classroom
  • Getting to the Heart of Music: Using SEL in the Music Classroom

Otto Gross

Role at QuaverEd: 
Music Producer, Composer, Instructional Coach, and Clinician

B.A., Berklee College of Music
Cert., Belmont University
Cert., University of Las Vegas

Fun Fact:
My favorite show of all time is Columbo.

Favorite Quote:
When my son says ‘Daddy… I love you.‘”

Experience Highlights:

  • Music Director
  • Orff Ensemble Composer
  • Public Speaker
  • International Touring Musician
  • NAACP ACT-SO Gold Medalist


  • Orff-Schulwerk Level III
  • World Drumming
  • Distinguished Scholar of the Arts

Session Highlights:

  • Improvisation
  • Active Music-Making
  • Culturally Relevant Music

Michele Hobizal

Role at QuaverEd: 
Instructional Coach and Clinician

BME, Texas State University

Fun Fact:
Obsessed with anything Tiny Homes!

I loved teaching music.  Now I love working with teachers who will pass on that love to their students.

Experience Highlights:

  • 31 years of teaching general music 
  • 2 terms as The Elementary VP for The Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA)
  • 1 term as The Elementary VP for The Texas Choral Directors Association (TCDA)
  • Conductor of the Katy ISD District Elementary Honor Choir with performances at the 2007 and 2011 TMEA conventions.
  • Cadre member of the Center for Educator Development in Fine Arts (CEDFA)
  • Two-time Teacher of the Year for schools in Katy ISD


  • Lifetime Music Ed Certification for Grades PreK-12
  • Lipscomb’s Instructional Coaching Academy

Session Highlights:

  • Your Elementary Choral Toolkit
  • Three Tech Success Stories from My Music Classroom
  • Getting to the Heart of Music: Using SEL in the Music Classroom

Emily Hopkins

Role at QuaverEd: 
Director of Training

BM, Belmont University
MEd, Lipscomb University

Fun Fact:
I speak Italian almost fluently!

When I was still in the classroom, I told my supervisor that if I could make up any job title for myself it would be ‘Helper of Teachers’ – and at Quaver, I feel like I get to be just that!

Experience Highlights:

  • 11 years in the classroom
  • Taught PreK – 4th grade Music
  • Taught 4th grade Social Studies


  • Endorsements in Elementary and Early Childhood Education
  • Music Together Certification Level 1

Session Highlights:

  • Assessment in the Music Classroom
  • Preparing the Way for Masterful Play
  • Mindful Music-Making

Valerie Diaz Leroy

Role at QuaverEd: 
Research and Pedagogy Specialist

BA, Boston College (1999)

Fun Fact:
Valerie has a certificate in Baking and Pastry and used to teach cooking classes to her elementary students!

A careful and thoughtful study of music has provided me with remarkable opportunities to develop a deeper appreciation for humankind. Working with musicians, historians, and educators has encouraged me to explore the impact that music has on all our lives and has helped me expand and rethink diverse ways to create effective and valid curriculum and powerful pedagogical approaches that expand the knowledge and understanding of music.

Experience Highlights:

  • 13 years in the classroom
  • Taught K-4th grade Music
  • Taught Kindergarten Spanish


  • Kodály Certification Level 3
  • Conflict Transformation Certification

Session Highlights:

  • Folk Dancing
  • Banjo Picking!

Natasha Olivier

Role at QuaverEd: 
Instructional Technology Coach

BA, Florida International University (2011)
MAT, National University (2014)

Fun Fact:
In every coastal city I visit, I find a lighthouse to visit and climb.

When I think about effective classroom instruction, I think about the skilled art that teaching truly is. From planning to execution, teaching is an art that isn’t solely limited to a content area. My experiences in education serving lower-income students propelled me to understand how teaching and learning is not only art, it is a true science. Today, connecting with educators and supporting students at all stages in their teaching and learning journeys are my true passion and what I love most about what I do!

Experience Highlights:

  • 9 years experience in education
  • 4 years teaching  ELA 6-12
  • 3 years as an ELA Instructional Coach
  • 3 years developing 6-12 ELA and SS curriculum

Stephanie Jabre

Role at Quaver:
Instructional Coach

BM, The University of Dayton
MM, The Manhattan School of Music

Fun fact:
I love Irish Step Dancing! 

“Teachers don’t just teach, they are superheroes and they change the world! It is my hope that I can help you in whatever way I can to make your daily job of changing the world a little easier.”

Experience Highlights:

  • 5 years in classroom
  • Preschool, Music, SEL
  • Private voice, guitar, and ukulele instructor

London Business School Brand Management Certification