Professional Development

QuaverEd offers a variety of training options to our customers to ensure that we accommodate all learning styles and schedules. Our philosophy on training is not only to provide guidance on the navigation of our products but also to incorporate best educational practices into every training session we host. 

Here you will find pre-recorded video tutorials and training videos to encompass resource updates and to give guidance on navigating each section of our curricula. These tutorials are embedded within the curriculum resources in the “Help” button. The convenience of these videos helps educators quickly get assistance with the area of the resources that they are using. 

Video tutorial topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Account Creation and Basic Dashboard Navigation
  • Lesson Navigation
  • Resource Manager Customizing Functions
  • Creating Student Accounts

Once a Quaver user completes a professional development or training event, such as a webinar or video tutorial, the user may request a PD transcript to submit to their school district for credit. 

Use the sidebar to your left to explore the options, and please let us know if there’s an additional topic you’d like to see covered here!