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QuaverSEL provides teachers with a variety of resources and instructional supplements. Featured Resources highlights recently added content and interactive resources. This documentation will give you an overview of the options found in Featured Resources.


You should already have a Quaver username and password and be able to access your Teacher Dashboard at QuaverEd.com. If you need login instructions or help to access the dashboard, please reach out to our team at Info@QuaverEd.com. 

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From your Teacher Dashboard, select the Featured Resources icon. This will load your Featured Resources menu

This menu of Featured Resources is periodically updated to highlight recently added content and interactive resources as well as seasonally-specific content. Each resource can be launched directly from the menu.

Click the thumbnail to launch the resource in a new tab in your browser. You can paginate through all of the Featured Resource content by clicking the Next and Previous buttons found at the bottom of each screen.

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