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All QuaverMusic Curriculum resources and tools are accessed on an easy-to-use Teacher Dashboard. This documentation will give you an overview of the resources and tools available on that Dashboard.


You should already have a Quaver username and password and be able to access your Teacher Dashboard at QuaverEd.com. If you need login instructions or help to access the dashboard, please reach out to our team at Info@QuaverEd.com. 

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Once logged into your account, you will arrive at your Teacher Dashboard. Consider this your one-stop shop to all the resources and tools available to you in QuaverMusic. The dashboard is divided into three main sections. 

Support Tools and Resources

The top row focuses on Support Tools and Resources for Teachers. It includes:

  • Quaver PD: Links to ongoing Professional Development such as Product Support, Video Training Courses, and Webinars
  • Resource Manager:  The search engine and customization platform for all Quaver resources – from songs and  interactives to anything else in QuaverMusic.
  • Resource Creation: Create custom resources using Quaver interactives and outside resources.
  • Teacher Admin:  A collection of accountability tools including class lists, assignments, gradebook, and attendance to meet the needs of a teacher.
  • Tech Support: FAQs and Customer Service when you need it!

Additional Resources for Instruction 

The bottom section of your Teacher Dashboard contains Additional Resources for Instruction. Here you will find:

  • ClassPlay: A collection of all songs with their interactives and activities.
  • Student Interactives: Interactive resources for students to access via QR Code, URL, or through their own student accounts.
  • Featured Resources:  See what’s new from QuaverHQ!
  • Creatives: Practice composition, improvisation, and notation for a creative music-making experience.
  • Quaver Choral Resources: Icebreakers, warmups, and full lessons for teaching and learning choral pieces.
  • Teacher Toolbox: Adaptable digital tools for use in your classroom.
  • Bach’s Brain: Learn about the lives of famous classical composers and their music – plus test your brain!
  • Making Music Worldwide: Songs and instruments from around the world.
  • Quaver Musicals: Production, rehearsal, and performance support for putting on a show! Complete with kid-friendly themes that everyone will enjoy.

Lessons and Curriculum

On the left-hand side you will find full Lessons and additional curriculum support:

  • Curriculum Lessons: Your year-long curriculum of daily lessons and special projects.
  • Song-Based Lessons: A collection of pedagogically-inspired lessons based on a single theme, song, and musical concept.
  • Quaver Essentials: 30 theme units with guides, interactives, songs, quizzes, and additional activities to supplement your instruction.
  • Custom Curriculum: Create your own scope and sequence of lessons in this Custom Menu!

Click any icon to access the resources found there!

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