QuaverMusic Essentials resources are accessed from an interactive menu at This documentation will give you an overview of the resources and tools available in this topic-based supplement.


You should already have a Quaver username and password and be able to access your Teacher Dashboard at If you need login instructions or help to access the dashboard, please reach out to our team at 

Table of Contents

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From your Teacher Dashboard, select the Quaver Essentials icon. This will load your Essentials Menu, a bird’s-eye view of the topics covered and resources available. 

Essentials Menu

The Essentials Menu is organized into four units to cover a total of 30 musical topics.

Units include:

  • Music Theory (16 topics)
  • Instruments & Ensembles (8 topics)
  • Composers & Music History (4 topics)
  • Music Styles (4 topics)

Select any topic from the menu to view the “Quaver Classroom” for that topic. Each classroom includes a collection of non-grade-level specific resources for the music teacher to supplement instruction.

Classroom Resources

Each classroom uses a common organization to display the resources and activities available, including: 

  • Video Episode: A 14-20 minute video episode featuring Quaver and friends
  • Teacher Guide: Lesson ideas with overview, objectives, vocabulary, lesson activities, assessments, cross-curricular activities, and step-by-step instructions
  • Music Scores: Printable scores for songs relevant to the topic
  • Musical Tracks: A variety of music to enhance your lesson
  • Teacher Toolbox: A collection of adaptable digital tools for use in your classroom
  • IWB Activities: A collection of fun interactive whiteboard quizzes, songs, video clips, and activities your students will enjoy
  • Quaver Quiz: A 10-question quirky quiz to recap your students’ knowledge
  • Worksheets: Printable tools to help build upon given objectives

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