Teacher Dashboard


All QuaverMIC curriculum resources and tools are accessed on an easy-to-use Teacher Dashboard.

This documentation will give you an overview of the resources and tools available on the Teacher Dashboard.

This help article covers:

Click any of the icons on the dashboard to access the resources found there. Greyed-out buttons on your dashboards are features that will be coming soon!

Tech Support

Select Tech Support for easy access to technical specifications and additional support anytime.

Resource Manager

Select Resource Manager to access this search engine and customization platform for all Quaver resources – from songs and interactives to anything else in QuaverMIC.

Resource Creation

Select Resource Creation for easy access to a menu of custom resource options.

Student Admin

Select Student Admin for easy access to a collection of accountability tools including class lists, assignments, gradebook, and attendance to meet the needs of a teacher

Music Integration Lessons

Select Music Integration Lessons to access Quaver Music Integration Curriculum Lessons.


Select ClassPlay to explore this interactive song library. Here you can explore the full song list, song activities, and printables for effectively integrating music into your classroom and instruction.

Music Integration Toolbox

Music integration toolbox

Select Music Integration Toolbox to find cross-curricular tools and activities to utilize in the classroom every day. The Toolbox is organized by Theme Songs from each grade level band, Musical Words of the Day, and Integration Content Areas.

Select Featured Resources to view recently added songs and interactive resources as well as seasonally-specific content. These resources are updated periodically.