Music Integration Toolbox


QuaverMIC includes a searchable library of easy-to-use interactive resources organized by theme. This documentation will walk you through how to navigate, launch, and teach from the Music Integration Toolbox.


You should already have a Quaver username and password, and be able to access your Teacher Dashboard at If you need login instructions or help to access the dashboard, please reach out to our team at 

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This help article covers:

Music integration toolbox

From your Teacher Dashboard, select the Music Integration Toolbox icon. This will load your toolbox in a new tab.

Browse Categories

The Music Integration Toolbox will automatically open to the full list of categories on the left-hand side of the screen as well as the icon view of each category in the center

Screenshot of Toolbox menu

The Toolbox is organized by Theme Songs from each grade level band, Musical Words of the Day, and Integration Content Areas, including:

  • Creative Arts
  • English
  • Health
  • History & Social Science
  • SEL
  • STEM
  • World Language

Each of these resources can also be found integrated into the Curriculum lessons throughout QuaverMIC.

Select the resource you would like to use and launch it directly from the Teacher Toolbox in a new tab.

Close the tab or click “Exit” to return to the original Music Integration Toolbox tab.

To navigate to additional resources found in the other available categories, simply click directly on the Category title you would like to explore. Several of these Categories will break down even further into sub-categories relevant to the selection. These sub-categories will be different from category to category as they are specific to the main category.

Click on a sub-category icon or in the list view to see the specific resources.


If you already know the name of the resource you would like to use (or even just part of the name), use the search bar to pull up screens containing the word or words you would like to search.

Select the resource you would like to use and launch it directly from the Music Integration Toolbox in a new tab.

If at any time you would like to return to a previous search, use the back arrow located above the Categories list. Use the forward arrow to return to your current location. Clicking the Home icon will bring you back to the main menu.

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