Teacher Dashboard


All Quaver Pre-K Curriculum resources and tools are accessed on an easy-to-use Teacher Dashboard. This documentation will give you an overview of the resources and tools available on that Dashboard.

This help article covers:


Once logged into your account, you will arrive at your Teacher Dashboard. Consider this your one-stop shop to all the resources and tools available to you in Quaver Pre-K.

The dashboard is divided into two main sections. 

The top row focuses on Instruction. It includes:

  • Curriculum: Your year-long curriculum of daily lessons and special projects
  • Correlations: A standards-based view of the curriculum, where you can drill down to a specific breakout or outcome and examples of where to find it in the curriculum
  • Instructional Guides: A selection of documentation including Curriculum Features and Best Practice guides on a number of important subjects

The bottom row contains Support Tools for Teachers. It includes:

  • Assessment: A tool for skills assessment and tracking each child’s development throughout the year
  • Teacher Toolbox: A collection of adaptable digital tools for use in your classroom
  • PD and Tech Support: Links to ongoing Professional Development and Tech Support when you need it!

Click any icon to access that resource, and click the back arrow or EXIT in the top right corner to return to the Dashboard.


Click the Curriculum icon to access Quaver Pre-K Curriculum Lessons. 

Here you can access the full year of lessons organized into eight themes. Each theme contains four weeks of daily lessons and one special culminating project. From the Curriculum Menu, you can explore any week of the year in detail.

Each lesson is described in an Executable Lesson Guide, with teaching notes for a full day of instruction and interactive resource links ready to launch on any classroom technology.


Click the Correlations icon to access an interactive standards correlation to Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines. Select any domain to see the outcomes organized by skill, outcome, and breakout.

Scroll down to locate a correlation of interest and click the location link to open the Executable Lesson Guide in a new tab.

For help reading the location, click HELP and Location Key.

Help Options

Instructional Guides

Click the Instructional Guides icon to open a menu of supporting documentation for your teaching and lesson preparation. The Instructional Guides menu is divided into two sections: Curriculum Features and Best Practices.

Curriculum Features include documentation such as Scope and Sequence and Glossary of Terms.

Best Practice Guides are provided on a number of subjects, from the use of Classroom Learning Centers in the classroom as well as Differentiation and Accessibility.

Click any document to open in a new tab and print or save using your browser controls. 


Click the Assessment icon to track and report child progress in each of the domain areas. 

Assessment preview

From the Assessment home page, you can view each child’s progress toward a particular skill, make anecdotal notes, and gather video evidence of work and skill demonstrations.

Teacher Toolbox

Click the Teacher Toolbox icon to find domain-related tools to utilize in the classroom every day. 

The Teacher Toolbox will open with a number of general tools for classroom management. Use the Domains on the left side to navigate to additional domains and select a resource to launch. 

Quaver PD

PD logo

Click the QuaverPD icon to open professional development resources in a new window. Here you’ll find a growing library of help documentation, webinars, and more you can use for ongoing Professional Development throughout the year. 

Tech Support

Tech Support Logo

Click the Tech Support icon for easy access to technical specifications and additional support anytime.