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Quaver Pre-K Curriculum Lessons are accessed from an interactive lesson selection menu and launch as Executable Lesson Guides. This documentation will walk you through how to navigate the Quaver Pre-K Curriculum Menu. From this view, you can see the entire curriculum and can easily find your place in the wonderful world of Quaver Pre-K.

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From your Teacher Dashboard, select the Curriculum icon. This will load your Quaver Pre-K Curriculum Menu, a bird’s-eye view of the entire school year. 

Monthly Themes

Down the left side of the menu, you’ll see the curriculum is broken down into eight child-friendly themes:

  1. Welcome to Pre-K
  2. Communities
  3. Amazing Nature
  4. Healthy Me
  5. Living Creatures
  6. Transportation and Movement
  7. Construction
  8. A Celebration of Music

Across the top of the menu, you’ll see each theme is explored over the course of four weeks devoted to sub-theme, with an optional special project that can be used to extend the learning even further.

For example, Theme 1 – “Welcome to Pre-K!” includes a weekly focus on the following sub-themes:

  • Week 1 – My New Class
  • Week 2 – About Me
  • Week 3 – My Family
  • Week 4 – My Friends
  • And finally, a Special Project called “Decorating Our New Classroom”

Weekly Sub-Themes

Click any week or sub-theme title to zoom in further.

This brings you to your Weekly Sub-Theme View, a big-picture view of the lessons that make up this week of the school year. You can see the week’s sub-theme labeled at the top of the screen.

The cells in this view provide a summary of the week’s lessons, broken down by day and Activity Section. Each day follows a consistent sequence of learning as outlined in the Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines, starting with an Opening and moving through the day to Reflection. The times listed are also consistent with the TPG’s recommendations. 

Click Help > Icon Legend to find an icon description for each Activity Section.

Once you’ve explored the lesson in full, this view of the week is a very useful summary to prompt your teaching throughout the day. It is also available in printed form as a Week-at-a-Glance Handbook in your Quaver Pre-K Classroom Kit. 

Week-at-a-Glance Handbook

Menu and Print Options

Click Menu for a number of print options:

  • Click Print All Days to print or save a PDF of the full week of Lesson Guides
  • Or click Print Options to select the days and sections of the Lesson Guides you’d like to print.

Exiting Curriculum

From the Weekly Sub-Theme View, click the Theme Title in the top left corner to return to the Curriculum Menu, or click EXIT from any screen to return to your Teacher Dashboard.

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