Lesson Summary Screen

Select a lesson to go to the Lesson Summary Screen. Here you’ll see an overview of each activity included in the lesson, along with some information useful in planning your instruction. Using the buttons at the bottom of the screen you can access:

  • Overview – The purpose of the lesson
  • Objectives – The student goals for the lesson
  • Lesson Plan – A PDF version of the full lesson, which can be saved or printed
  • Worksheets – Any lyrics sheets or activity printables related to the lesson

The Lesson Summary Screen will default to the Icon View of the lesson with each activity represented by a thumbnail preview.

Click the list option to the right of the Help button to toggle to a List View with each activity listed by name with a corresponding icon representing the screen type.

Toggle back to Icon View as needed.

From the Lesson Summary Screen, you also have the ability to Customize and Launch the lesson.