Instructional Guides


The QuaverHealth curriculum includes helpful resources for teacher professional development and planning. This documentation will walk you through how to navigate, launch, and print Quaver Instructional Guides.


You should already have a Quaver username and password, and be able to access your Teacher Dashboard at If you need login instructions or help to access the dashboard, please reach out to our team at  

Table of Contents

This help article covers:

From your Teacher Dashboard, select the Instructional Guides icon. This will load your QuaverHealth Instructional Guides menu:

Here you can see that the menu has several documents for you to explore:

  1. Health Correlations
  2. PE Correlations
  3. Health and PE Scope and Sequence
  4. Movement Glossary
  5. Song Lyrics and Choreography Guide
  6. Teacher-Led Student Discussions
  7. Using the Health Tracker

Click any thumbnail to open the document in a new tab.

Print Options

Each of these guides can be downloaded and/or printed using your browser’s print menu.