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QuaverHealth’s Curriculum includes a progress monitoring tool for both students and teachers alike. Teachers set learning and development goals for nine dimensions of health, and students check in, reflect, and track progress toward those goals. Teachers can view both individual and class progress, and chat privately with students to check for understanding.

Below you will find the main student dashboard for the health tracker tool, showcasing all three methods of progress monitoring that our tool provides. 


You should already have a Quaver username and password, and be able to access your Teacher Dashboard at If you need login instructions or help to access the dashboard, please reach out to our team at

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This help article covers:

From your Teacher Dashboard, select the Health Tracker icon. This will load a dashboard with five teacher tools to utilize for this progress monitoring tool. 


Select the attendance button for a view of all student Check-In submissions by name and date.

Goals and Journal Reports

Select Goals and Journal Reports to see the results of the students’ Check-Ins.

From this dashboard you will be able to view both individual results and class results.

Students can also answer Journal questions as part of the Health Tracker. The process is the same as for the Check-In.

See above for a student view of a journal entry. Journal entries are placed once in every four lessons and match the theme of the lesson. The teacher can view student reports under Goals and Journal Reports.

Goals and Journal Builder   

Select Goals and Journal Builder to amend, save, and set students’ Check-Ins for journal activities. 

Under Goals and Journal Builder, select then click on any goal to edit goal details.

From Goal Details, select and edit the goal start and end date. Click on the Class Goal box to edit and change text.

Click on the Choose a Category box to edit or change the goal category. Once all edits are made, click the green save button.


Select Classes to select the group or class of students to assign a journal Check-In to.

Click the green button to select a class to edit a goal for. Select the gray button to add a new class to set goals for.

Select the gray button to add a new class to set goals for. Or, click the green button to select a class to edit a goal for.

From class details, edit the class name, start and end dates, archive a previous class, and set requirements or record student logins as attendance. Also, auto-generate a certain number of student accounts.

Student Accounts

From the Health Tracker Dashboard, click Student Accounts to generate, import, or view student accounts.

Select the gray Add Student Accounts button to add student accounts. Select the green Edit Student button to make changes to student accounts. Select the red Remove From Class button to remove a student account.

After selecting the gray Add Student(s) button, select the appropriate option from the dropdown menu below.

  • Add Existing Student Account: Utilize this option to add a student account into a class when the account already exists. Input or change information below and select save.
  • Auto-Generate Student Accounts: Generate a full class set of student accounts. Students can easily login with the auto-generated username and password showcased below in red font, and then will be prompted by the website to update their username and password.
  • Student Importer: Import student accounts from an outside file by dragging and dropping your class roster and/or information below. This will generate all class student accounts.
  • Student Self-Enroll with Class Code: Utilize our “how-to” tutorial on obtaining a class code for Quaver Health and have students sign in with the account login and set up their own student accounts with their self-created username and password.

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