The QuaverHealth Curriculum includes assessments in every view of the curriculum. In Lesson View, they appear as the fifth screen. In Daily Dose, they appear on Fridays. In Health + PE, they appear as Cool Down Activities. This article covers a few of the different types of assessments used in the QuaverHealth Curriculum.


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Table of Contents

This help article covers:

Train the Brain

Specifically designed for younger students, Train the Brain helps students review key vocabulary and concepts. All questions have audio Play buttons to assist students with reading.


QLibs is a fun way for students to review knowledge of concepts and skills. Students complete sentences using a word bank by themselves or in teams.

Dentist, Dentist / Doctor, Doctor

Dentist, Dentist and Doctor, Doctor screens are five-question quizzes that review important lessons about the teeth and body.

Lesson Mindset

Lesson Mindset screens help students unpack a key takeaway statement or phrase about the lesson. These statements are usually embedded within the lesson’s song and reviewed as the summative lesson mindset. Rebuild the “lesson mindset” by way of Song Lyrics, Scatter Rebuild, Word Change, Uh Oh, Paraphrase, and more! Then, check for understanding of the lesson mindset with the Analyze feature.

Quiz Challenge

Quiz Challenge screens are Jeopardy!®-style quizzes that review important health and PE content. Split your students into teams for a fun competition or conquer them as a whole group!

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