Student Admin


Student Admin allows you to create classes and student accounts, distribute assignments, and monitor progress using the attendance and gradebook tools. Learn how to optimize the resources found in the Student Admin dashboard below!


Select Attendance from your Student Admin dashboard. The Attendance section of Student Admin allows you to track attendance, have the option to automatically record student logins, and take anecdotal notes for each day students are in class. An icon legend is provided to show you the different ways you can record student attendance and absences.


Select GradeBook from your Student Admin dashboard. The GradeBook allows you to track student work and assignment grades. Once inside your GradeBook, click on an icon under a specific assignment to view the Assignment Review screen. An icon legend is provided to indicate the current student’s current progress on a given assignment.

Here you will find any messages sent from students and communicate directly with them through this assignment. If a student has completed an auto-graded assessment, the grade and answer responses will appear here. Student Recording video screens will also appear here when a student has submitted their finished work.

If a rubric has been applied to the lesson, the Rubric tab will be available next to the messaging options tabs.

The Comments button allows teachers to add any specific feedback or notes to the GradeBook for the specific assignment. (Note: These comments will only appear to the teacher in the GradeBook. Students will not see these Comments.)


The Assignments page is broken into two sections: Assignment Templates and Class Assignments Given.

There are two types of Assignment Templates:

  • Custom: These are assignments that you have created in Resource Manager. To learn how to create assignments in Resource Manager, click here.
  • Quaver: These are assignments that are pre-made and assignable in Quaver.

Click on the Assignment you would like to distribute and click Give Assignment. 

On the Assignment Details screen, use the Class dropdown menu to select the class or classes that will receive the Assignment and adjust the Assign and Due dates to your specifications.

If multiple classes have been selected, all students in those selected classes will receive the assignment.

If one class has been selected, you will be given the option to click the dropdown to assign to specific students.

In the Instructions section, indicate any specific directions for students to follow.

Hover over the info buttons below to determine if you would like to Hide Assignment from Students or Reveal Graded Answers to Students. On the right side of the assignment details, confirm the Assignment Contents and indicate what will be the default grade for the assignment. 

Click Save to complete the distribution. Once the Assignment has been distributed, it will appear in the Class Assignments Given section. 


From the Classes dashboard, you will be able to view both individual results and class results.

Click the green Edit Class button to edit an existing class. Select the gray Add New Class button to add a new class.

From class details, edit the class name, start and end dates, archive a previous class, and set requirements or record student logins as attendance. New student accounts can be auto-generated to the class size.

For advanced customization, select Additional Class Information to select the grade, period, class start and end times, and class meeting days.

Student Accounts

Use the Student Accounts dashboard to generate, import, or view student accounts.

Select the gray Add Student Accounts button to add student accounts. Use the green Edit Student button to make changes to student accounts. Select the red Remove From Class button to remove a student account.

After selecting the gray Add Student Account button, select the appropriate option from the dropdown menu.

  • Add Existing Student Account: Utilize this option to add a student account into an existing class. Input or change information and select save.
  • Auto-Generate Student Accounts: Generate a full class set of student accounts. Students can easily login with the auto-generated username and password and will be prompted by the website to update their username and password.
  • Student Importer: Import student accounts from an outside file by dragging and dropping your class roster and/or information below. This will generate all class student accounts.
  • Student Self-Enroll with Class Code: Utilize our tutorial here on obtaining a class code and have students sign in with the account login to set up their own student accounts with their self-created username and password.