Lessons include 32 weeks of lessons that can be customized to fit the classroom needs of Health and PE teachers. The Lessons menu also features additional Special Topics lessons and Community Engagement Resources.

Lesson Menu

The curriculum is organized into eight modules. These modules contain new lessons for each grade level. Each of the eight modules includes four week-long lessons. Modules and lessons can be taught in any order to fit classroom needs.

On the right, you will also see Community Resources. These are downloadable resources that can be used to enrich the teaching of each module.

Community Resources

Community Engagement Resources can be used as an enhancement to our interactive classroom lessons. These resources provide the teacher with approved online websites, community visitor suggestions, and fun school and community-wide project ideas that broaden and enrich the teaching of each module.

Lesson Views

After choosing a grade and lesson module, teachers can select from 3 different views: Lesson View, Daily Dose, or Health + PE.

Lesson View

The first tab is the Lesson View, which shows the entire 45-minute lesson with notes for the teacher. This view tends to be best for the school nurse, counselor, or general health educator.

Lesson View

Daily Dose

Daily Dose provides a 5-7 minute activity. This is best for the teacher who has only a few minutes to deliver a Health lesson. This view culminates in a reflection, quiz, or challenge on the final day of the week.

Daily Dose

Health + PE

The Health + PE tab was designed specifically for PE teachers in charge of health instruction. The activities, games, and teacher notes weave together both Health and PE learning standards. The first three screens work as active warm-up activities and the remaining two work as cool-down activities.

Health + PE

Special Topics

Special Topics allow teachers to introduce additional health-related topics not included in the main curriculum.

Special Topics Dashboard

To learn more about the Assessments used in QuaverHealth•PE Lessons, click here.