Creating a Student Recording Screen

These instructions are relevant for users with a QuaverMusic or QuaverSEL license or Preview and have student accounts set up.

Did you know that you have custom screen options on the Resource Creation Menu that you can add to any lesson or assignment?

The Student Recording Screen is incorporated into the assignment or lesson building process. This feature allows students to submit a video back to you, their teacher, for grading or storage in a portfolio project.

Once we’ve created a custom lesson or assignment in Resource Manager, double-click or select and click EDIT to open the Assignment or Lesson.

Now we’ll add to the assignment, by clicking MENU in the purple bar and selecting NEW SCREEN.

You’ll notice the Student Recording Screen on the Resource Creation menu. You’ll also find a link to the Resource Creation menu from your Teacher Dashboard.

Add a title for the screen by entering it in the Title field & hit ENTER. Boom-Chicka-Boom! You’re done!

You may also want to check out the options on the left side of your screen.

  • Click EDIT NOTES to add notes for your students to view when they launch this screen in their assignment
  • Clicking CANCEL on the left side of the screen will close the window without adding the screen to your assignment.
  • Click SAVE to add the screen! You’ll see a completion message to confirm the new screen. Click OK to close.

The Student Recording Screen lives at the end of your assignment. Click LAUNCH to see preview what it will look like to your students.

The new screen will appear in your assignment or lesson in Resource Manager. If you have created this screen from the Resource Creation Menu on your Teacher Dashboard, you’ll also find this screen in the My Custom Screens folder in Resource Manager.

You can use this same screen in as many assignments as you’d like, or keep creating new ones. You can always find it in this folder.

Student View

Students have different options based on the device and browser they’re using.

Note: Currently, only Chrome and Firefox browsers support recording directly into the screen. If your students are using another browser, they will not be given an option to record, but rather upload a video.

If a student’s device has a built-in camera:

Devices that have built in cameras or are connected to a webcam can record directly into the screen! The browser will prompt them to allow camera and microphone access. When the video is added, it will appear in your GradeBook for the assignment.

If a student’s device doesn’t have a camera:

If their device does not have a camera, they can record on another device! Click CHOOSE FILE to upload the recording here. Videos should be less than one minute longer and under 60 megabytes in size. When the video is added, it will appear in your GradeBook for the assignment.

Once students have submitted the assignment, you’ll find their submission in your GradeBook.

You’ll see an icon with an orange checkmark for the student and assignment whose submission you want to review. You can only view one student at a time.