Assigning a Music Master Class Assignment

These instructions are relevant for users with a QuaverMusic license or Preview who have already set up student accounts.

In light of COVID-19, we know that many schools are now facing a distance teaching situation that will require students to access Quaver resources at home.

If you’ve already set up student accounts and you need a quick solution to get your students up and running today, we’ve got your back.

You can now assign these pre-made assignments to your students in just a few clicks! We have added these digital assignments to your Assignments menu in Teacher Admin—ready for you to distribute to your students.

Distributing from the Assignments Menu

  • Log into your Quaver account
  • From your Teacher Dashboard, select TEACHER ADMIN and click ASSIGNMENTS
  • Click the Quaver tab and use the yellow arrow to scroll the assignments until you find the Music at Home assignments
  • Select an Assignment and click GIVE ASSIGNMENT
  • You’re all set! These will appear in your GradeBook with a blue ASSIGNED icon.

Customizing and Assigning from Resource Manager

  • These pre-made assignments can also be found in Resource Manager where you can assign as is or customize to make it your own!
  • Create a folder in Resource Manager. You may wish to call it Music at Home 2020.
  • Search MUSIC AT HOME in Resource Manager
  • You’ll see that all the pre-made assignments now appear.
  • Drag one of these lessons to your pre-made folder.
  • Open the folder, select the lesson, and click EDIT
  • You are now able to delete any screen, add additional resources, or even add a CUSTOM SCREEN by clicking NEW SCREEN.
  • When you’re done customizing, this assignment will now appear in your CUSTOM tab in Assignments in Teacher Admin.