Create and Distribute Assignments


QuaverEd offers teachers a number of options for distributing content to students in a distance learning scenario.

Explore the articles below for help creating and distributing content to your students:

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Creating an Assignment with Existing Quaver Content

Teachers can turn any existing Quaver lesson into an assignment and distribute it to student accounts.

Learn how to assign an existing Quaver lesson.

Assigning QuaverMusic Master Class Assignments

Music educators teaching from home in light of COVID-19:

If you’ve already set up student accounts tied to your QuaverMusic license, you can easily assign our pre-made Master Class Assignments to your students in just a few clicks!

Learn how to assign a Master Class assignment.

Creating a Custom Quaver Assignment from Scratch

Teachers can also create a custom assignment using Quaver content and custom screens of their own creation, including video recordings, assessments, YouTube screens, and much more.

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Distributing Assignments

Once you know how to create an assignment, distribute it to your students with confidence! Assignments can be distributed to all students who currently have a Quaver student account.

Learn how to distribute assignments.