Creating Student Accounts- Roster Import via Spreadsheet

Student Roster Import allows you to upload a spreadsheet with all your student and class information to the Quaver system, and we create the accounts for you!

How to Create a Student Account with Student Roster Import

  • Go to Teacher Admin > Students > Bulk Import Students to upload file.
  • Notice there are links here to help you with this process, including a Template to fill in, an example file, and a full guide. 
  • Use the template to fill in information such as the first name, last name, student ID (this is not required), etc.
  • Upload your file and proceed to submit!

Here is a helpful FAQ guide for understanding this process. It can also be accessed by clicking HELP

How to View your Class Rosters with Student Roster Import

  • Head to Teacher Admin and select Students.
  • Now we will see all imported info that you included in your spreadsheet (first name, last name, student ID).

How Students Log In with Student Roster Import

  • Go to or
  • Select Log In.
  • Enter login credentials, using the QuaverNames (usernames) and passwords you created in the Bulk Importer. They do not need a Class Code or Quaver Code!
  • Now they are either on their student dashboard, already enrolled in the class!