Creating Student Accounts – Single Sign On

Single Sign On (SSO) allows users to log into Quaver through another platform or district portal such as Clever, ClassLink, Schoology, or Google. Consult your district IT to determine if an SSO Integration is possible or exists, or contact our team for help to set one up!

How to Create a Student Account with Single Sign On

  • Students will need to log into whatever SSO platform your district uses… this might be Clever, ClassLink, Schoology, Canvas, Google, or another platform.
  • Once logged into the Single Sign On platform, students will need to click the Quaver launch link or icon. Depending on the platform, this will be in a different place. It may be an icon on a dashboard, or a link in a course within your LMS. If you’re using Sign in with Google, students should simply go to or, click Log In, and click Sign in with Google
  • If this is the student’s first time entering Quaver from their SSO account, they will see our account provisioning page. If the student already has a Quaver account that they’d like to keep using, they can click YES to link their SSO access to that account. Most students will just be entering Quaver for the first time. They can create a new account automatically by clicking NO.
  • For additional Help, visit our SSO Help Page. 
  • They’ll then see a screen prompting them to enter a QuaverCode. Have students enter the Class Code for the class you created.
  • Now they should be on their Student Dashboard, good to go!

How to View your Class Rosters with Single Sign On

  • Head to Teacher Admin and select Students
  • You will see students enrolled there. But take NOTE! If their name isn’t appearing yet, they just need to log in one more time! Students will need to log in through their SSO access after they’ve entered the Class Code to get their name to populate in the roster.

How Students Log In with Single Sign On

  1. Students will log in the same way through their SSO platform. Now, they will land right in the Quaver account. They will not need to enter a QuaverName and password and they will not see the account provisioning or Flash decision pages.
  2. They will always return to their district portal and select the Quaver icon or launch link to get into their Quaver student accounts. Students using Google will always click the Sign in with Google button on the Quaver login panel.