Creating Student Accounts- Student Self-Enrollment

Student Self-Enrollment simply means that students (maybe with the help of their parents) create their own username and password on Quaver sites. They enter the Class Code you provide to enroll them in your class.

How to Create a Student Account with Student Self-Enrollment

  • Complete the Create Your Account form. Enter a simple username, password. An email address is not required. Type the Class Code in the QuaverCode field and click Enter!
  • Boom-Chicka-Boom! You should now be on the Quaver Student Dashboard, enrolled in the correct class. From here, students can explore Student Interactives, and more! Click the Assignments button to access all assignments. 

How to View your Class Rosters with Student Self-Enrollment

  1. Head to Teacher Admin and select Students.
  2. Here you will see QuaverNames, but you won’t see any names or student IDs by default. You can add that information by editing the student. Select a student name from your roster and click the green Edit Student button to make adjustments.

How Students Log In with Student Self-Enrollment

  1. Go to or
  2. Select Log In.
  3. And enter their login credentials, using the QuaverName (username) and password they created.