Connect with Your Students

Step 1 Connect student accounts

An individual student account is the key to student success in distance learning!

Explore the articles below for help creating student accounts to connect to your QuaverEd teaching license:

Then move on to Step 2 of the process (creating and distributing assignments), or return to our Distance Teaching overview for more on QuaverEd supports!

Class Setup

Before setting up student accounts, you’ll need to make sure you have your classes set up in your Teacher Account.

Classes are the key to organizing your students and tying them to your teacher account.

Learn how to set up classes here.

Please note that if your district has a rostering integration with Quaver, your classes should already be populated in Quaver for you. If you’re not sure if your district has a rostering integration with Quaver already, check in with our Customer Service team and we’ll let you know. So, if you already have your classes set up, then don’t worry about this step!

Student Account Creation Options

Once a class is created, there are four distinct ways to create student accounts and enroll them in your classes.

Use the table below to evaluate each method, and read on to learn more about each in detail.

Have you decided what method you’d like to explore? Click below to learn more.*