Rostering with Student Self-Enrollment

This rostering method allows teachers to manually create their Quaver classes and have students enroll in those classes by entering a Class Code. While this method requires effort from the students and teachers, it requires no work from the IT department and can be an effective method to set up Quaver classes quickly. However, teachers must manually maintain their rosters over time by deactivating old students and enrolling new students.


If your district is using is using a SAML/ADFS, LTI, Clever, or Google Single Sign On method, student self-enrollment will provide all of the benefits of rostering – GradeBook functionality, Assignment functionality, and Student Interactives access. If your district is not using one of the above SSO protocols, self-enrollment may not allow for effective GradeBook functionality, as students may not appear by name in the teachers’ GradeBook.