Rostering Integrations

About Rostering

What is rostering?

Rostering involves importing your student and teacher roster data into Quaver’s systems. Quaver offers a lot of functionality without requiring additional user data, but the implementation of rostering data can extend your Quaver experience even further, adding assignments, Student Interactives, and more!

Rostering Methods

We understand that no two districts are the same, and we have created several ways to build class rosters in the Quaver system. Simply click a link from the list to learn more.

Why roster with QuaverEd?

A rostering integration with QuaverEd offers three main benefits:

  • Quaver Gradebook Enrolling students in teachers’ Quaver classes allows teachers to manage their student GradeBook directly within Quaver. The grades that students earn on assignments and assessments are automatically stored in the teacher’s Quaver GradeBook, making it easier to regularly assess large music classes. Teachers can also look at detailed assessment performance across an entire class.
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Assessments and Messaging With rostering data implemented, teachers can easily create and give assignments to all of their music classes. Multiple choice assessments are completely customizable and are graded and entered automatically into the Quaver GradeBook. Teachers can assign interactive game activities that are automatically scored. Teachers can also assign creative composition and theory activities, which the teacher can then review. If students have questions, or if teachers need to send any notes to students, they can use the messaging functionality available right in Quaver to communicate in simple and safe way.

Students can log into their own accounts and see assignments from their teacher on their Student Dashboard.

  • Student Interactives: Enrolling students in Quaver classes allows them access to all of’s Student Interactives – digital interactive elements compatible with iPads and Chromebooks, available only to Quaver students.

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