Schoology SSO Integration Setup

This article is directed towards IT administrators looking to set up Schoology Single Sign On (SSO) access to QuaverEd resources for their district.

QuaverEd can be set up as an External Tool in Schoology to allow Single Sign On access to QuaverEd resources directly from Schoology via LTI using the instructions below.

How to set up Quaver as an LTI External Tool in Schoology

Step 1: District requests integration

Your district IT team should contact Quaver’s integration team at to get started!

Step 2: Quaver configures our system to support your district’s Schoology SSO integration

We’ll need to set things up on our side first. We’ll generate unique keys and secrets for your district, configure your LTI parameters and more. Once we have everything ready, we’ll provide you with the key, secret, and launch link you need to set up Quaver as an LTI External Tool in Schoology.

Step 3: Set up LTI External Tool in Schoology

1. In your Schoology Admin account, add an External Tool Provider.

You should be able to find this area via Tools > School Management > Integration > External Tools > Add External Tool Provider. Please see Schoology’s instructions on this for details.

Schoology External Tools area

2. On the Add External Tool Provider configuration panel, use the following settings:

  • Tool Name: QuaverEd (or QuaverMusic/QuaverSEL/etc. as preferred)
  • Privacy: Send Name and Email/Username of user who launches the tool
  • Configuration Type: Manual
  • Match By: URL
  • Consumer key, Shared secret, and Domain/URL will be provided by our integrations team. They may be specific to your integration and should not be copied from another source.
  • Custom Parameters may be left blank unless otherwise specified by our integrations team.
Schoology external tool provider configuration panel

Note that by default Quaver will use the Schoology user’s email address as their unique identifier and key value to roster data. If your users do not all have unique email addresses in Schoology, please notify the Quaver integrations team during the setup process.

Step 4: Testing

Once you have Quaver set up as an External Tool in your district’s Schoology instance, we’ll proceed to testing. Please note that your SSO integration will be set up in a restricted testing state so only a limited number of users can come through. Once we confirm everything seems to be working as expected, we’ll go ahead and release it for everyone to use.

To test the integration, please have a licensed Quaver teacher add the External Tool to their Schoology course and click the link to log into Quaver through Schoology. They should land at our SSO account provisioning page.

Quaver SSO account provisioning page where user clicks Yes or No to link an existing Quaver account

Note: The first time a user logs into Quaver via Schoology, they will have to go through a one-time account provisioning step. This process allows users who have used Quaver in the past to link their existing Quaver accounts with their Schoology SSO account. This is particularly important for teachers who have registered licenses or customized resources to an existing Quaver account.

Learn more about Quaver’s SSO account provisioning process.

If you are setting up automated rostering with us as well, when a licensed Quaver teacher has successfully logged in through Schoology and reached their Quaver account they should see their rosters activated in Quaver.

Step 5: Release

When we have confirmed everything is working as expected, we will go ahead and release your integration on our end. Teachers can then add the Quaver External Tool to any Schoology course to support SSO from Schoology.

Step 6: Support

Quaver will continue to support the SSO integration with your district throughout our contract term. We are committed to providing responsive support for our SSO integrations, and will work with you to resolve any issues that may arise, If you need to alter your district’s SSO configuration at any time, please notify us prior to making any changes so that we can provide uninterrupted access for your Quaver users.