Using Google Classroom Rostering

This article is directed towards teachers in districts that have Google Classroom rostering integrations with QuaverEd. Please note that a Google Classroom rostering integration with QuaverEd must be set up by your district IT administrator, following the instructions here.

How can teachers activate the roster syncing in Quaver?

You will need to Sign in with Google to activate your Google Classroom roster syncing with Quaver. This process is nearly identical to our Google SSO instructions here, but Google will prompt to you to share additional information with Quaver to facilitate the roster syncing.

1. Visit the QuaverEd login page at and click the Sign in with Google button.

QuaverEd login page - Sign in with Google button highlighted

2. If you are already signed into your Google account, skip to step 3.

If you’re not already signed into your Google account, you will be prompted to sign in. Enter your Google account email and password to log into your Google account.

Google account login prompt

3. Google will prompt you to share your roster information with Quaver. Makes sure you click Allow to enable roster syncing from Google Classroom to Quaver.

Google Classroom rostering scope allow screen

4. If you have used Sign in with Google to access Quaver in the past, you can go ahead and skip to step 6. If this is your first time logging into Quaver using your Google account, you’ll likely see our Single Sign On account provisioning page. This page is important!

If you have created a Quaver account before (if you have a Quaver username and password), you should click YES. This will allow you to link your Google account to your existing Quaver account.

If you do not have a Quaver account yet, simply click No to auto-provision one here. Teachers, please note that if you choose No here, you will be starting with a fresh account in Quaver and will be prompted to enter an access code. If you click No on this page, skip to step 6!

Quaver Single Sign On account provisioning page

5. Enter your QuaverName and password and click Submit to link your Clever account to your pre-existing Quaver account.

Remember, this is asking you to identify a Quaver account you have already created in the past. You should not enter your Google account credentials or other district credentials here. If you have never created a Quaver account before, simply click Go Back and select No on step 3.

Page where you enter your Quaver account credentials to link your SSO account to an existing Quaver account

6. You should land at your Quaver Teacher Dashboard. Visit the Teacher Admin area to access your classes and rosters that have synced from Google Classroom.

Quaver teacher dashboard

How are the rosters populated and synced?

You can read more about how rosters created and maintained through automated rostering integrations behave on our integrations FAQs page.

How do students use the roster syncing in Quaver?

Students must log in using Sign in with Google to connect to the roster data that is syncing with Quaver. When logging in through Google, students will be automatically enrolled in the Quaver class designated by the roster data we are receiving from Google Classroom. This will allow the student to log in using Sign in with Google and land directly at their Student Dashboard in Quaver, enrolled in their class(es), without needing to enter any codes.

Quaver student dashboard

Additional Questions

Have more questions about rostering with Google Classroom? Visit our integrations FAQ page.