Clever SSO Integration Setup

This article is directed towards IT administrators looking to set up Clever Single Sign On (SSO) access to QuaverEd resources for their district. For teachers or students trying to log into Quaver from Clever, please see our instructions here.

Step 1: Request QuaverEd app in Clever

Log into your District Admin account for Clever, search for the Quaver app, and submit a connection request. Refer to Clever’s instructions for more details on this workflow.

Step 2: Quaver approves request

Once you’ve submitted the connection request in Clever, our integration team will complete some setup steps in our system and then approve your request. You will be notified of our approval.

If there is any reason we feel we should not approve your Clever request, we will reach out to the IT administrator listed in Clever.

Step 3: Testing

We advise that you perform your own tests whenever possible to confirm functionality. If you have access to a Clever account, please try to sign in and confirm that the integration works as you expected.

Quaver SSO account provisioning page where user clicks Yes or No to link an existing Quaver account

Note: The first time a user logs into Quaver via Clever, they will have to go through a one-time account provisioning step. This process allows users who have used Quaver in the past to link their existing Quaver accounts with their Clever SSO account. This is particularly important for teachers who have registered licenses or customized resources to an existing Quaver account.

Learn more about Quaver’s SSO account provisioning process.

Step 4: Release

When you are ready to launch the application (officially add it to your users’ Clever dashboards), you may activate the QuaverEd app from your Clever admin panel.