About Clever

How does Clever work with QuaverEd?

Single Sign On from Clever

Accessing Quaver from Clever is easy! We support Single Sign On (SSO) integration with Clever, so that users can simply log into Clever and then click the Quaver app icon to get to Quaver.

Rostering with Clever

We support various methods for rostering that can be paired with Clever SSO. While we do not support Clever Secure Sync at this time, we offer other automated rostering methods that can be paired with Clever SSO to achieve SSO and automated rostering functionality. Clever SSO alone can also be used to make student self-enrollment easier. Students can log in through Clever and enter a Class Code, and their name will automatically be added to the class roster.

How do I use Clever with QuaverEd?

Integration Setup

Your district will need to set up a Clever SSO integration with QuaverEd. Your IT Administrator can get this process started by requesting the Quaver app in Clever.

Logging in from Clever

Once the Clever SSO integration is set up for your district, you should see the Quaver app appear on your Clever dashboard. Simply log into Clever and click the Quaver app to access Quaver.