Using Automated Rostering via ClassLink with Quaver

This article is directed towards teachers and students in districts that have ClassLink rostering integrations with QuaverEd. Please note that a ClassLink rostering integration with QuaverEd must be set up by your district IT administrator, following the instructions here.

If your district has an automated rostering integration in place between Quaver and ClassLink, this can make class administration and student access to Quaver a lot easier. Once a teacher activates the roster syncing with Quaver, their rosters will be automatically created and maintained in Quaver for them. Below we’ve covered some common questions in regards to rostering with ClassLink and Quaver.

How can teachers activate the roster syncing in Quaver?

To activate the syncing of rosters from ClassLink to your Quaver teacher account, you will need to log in through ClassLink SSO and link to a licensed Quaver teacher account. View our instructions on how to log in through ClassLink.

Once you have logged in through ClassLink and linked to your Quaver teacher account, you should see your rosters automatically populate in your Teacher Admin area in Quaver.

Classlink example app dashboard, Quaver Music icon highlighted

How are the rosters populated and synced?

You can read more about how rosters created and maintained through automated rostering integrations behave on our integrations FAQs page.

How do students use the roster syncing in Quaver?

Students must log in through ClassLink SSO to connect to the roster data that is syncing with Quaver. When logging in through ClassLink, students will be automatically enrolled in the Quaver class designated by the roster data we are receiving from ClassLink. This will allow the student to log in through ClassLink and land directly at their Student Dashboard in Quaver, enrolled in their class(es), without needing to enter any codes.

Quaver student dashboard

Additional Questions

Have more questions about rostering with ClassLink? Visit our integrations FAQ page.