How to Access Quaver from ClassLink

This article is directed towards teachers and students in districts that have ClassLink SSO integrations with QuaverEd. Please note that a ClassLink SSO integration with QuaverEd must be set up by you district IT administrator, following the instructions here.

1. Sign into your district ClassLink account. This is often linked from your district’s website. Alternatively, you can visit and search for your school to find your ClassLink portal. (If you are not sure how to access ClassLink, contact your friendly district IT specialist).

Classlink launchpad login finder page

2. On your ClassLink app dashboard, click the Quaver Music* app icon.

If this is your first time accessing Quaver from ClassLink, proceed to step 3. Otherwise, you can skip to step 5!

*If you are using QuaverSEL or another Quaver subject, don’t worry! You can still use the same app to get to your Quaver resources. We will be re-branding our ClassLink app to QuaverEd for all subjects soon.

Classlink example app dashboard, Quaver Music icon highlighted

3. If this is your first time logging into Quaver from ClassLink, you’ll likely see our Single Sign On account provisioning page. This page is important!

If you have created a Quaver account before (if you have a Quaver username and password), you should click YES. This will allow you to link your ClassLink account to your existing Quaver account.

If you do not have a Quaver account yet, simply click No to auto-provision one here. Teachers, please note that if you choose No here, you will be starting with a fresh account in Quaver and will be prompted to enter an access code. If you click No on this page, skip to step 5!

4. Enter your QuaverName and password and click Submit to link your ClassLink account to your pre-existing Quaver account.

Remember, this is asking you to identify a Quaver account you have already created in the past. You should not enter your ClassLink account credentials or other district credentials here. If you have never created a Quaver account before, simply click Go Back and select No on step 3.

5. Depending on the type of account you’re using, you will land at one of the following places…

Teacher Dashboard

Quaver teacher dashboard

You will land here if your ClassLink account is linked to an active Quaver teacher account.

Student Dashboard

Quaver student dashboard

You will land here if your ClassLink account is linked to an active student account that has enrolled in a Quaver class.

Code Entry

Quaver screen prompting user for a code

You may be prompted for a code when you land. This is expected if your account’s access is expired, or if you have never registered an access code to this account. You can read about Quaver access codes here.