ClassLink Rostering Integration Setup

This article is directed towards IT administrators looking to set up roster syncing with Quaver via the ClassLink OneRoster API for their district. For teachers with questions about rostering with ClassLink, please see our instructions here.

How to set up ClassLink OneRoster API data exchange with Quaver

Step 1: Add our ClassLink OneRoster API app

  1. Log into your ClassLink Dashboard with your Tenant Admin account and click the ClassLink Management Console icon.
ClassLink dashboard, ClassLink Management Console icon highlighted
  1. In the sidebar menu of your ClassLink Management Console, click the Manage item under Roster Server.
ClassLink management console, "Manage" option under Roster Server menu item highlighted
  1. In your ClassLink Roster Server console, click the Applications item in the left sidebar. One the Applications page, click the Add Applications button.
ClassLink Roster Server Console, Applications Area, Add Applications button highlighted
  1. Search for “Quaver” in the finder. Click the Add button next to the “” app. roster api app in ClassLink Roster Server Add Applications area
  1. You should now see the app appear in your Applications on your ClassLink Roster Server. Ensure that you have the settings for the app set to Enabled and FULL. app added to ClassLink roster server, settings set to Enabled and Full

Once you’ve shared your ClassLink OneRoster API endpoint with Quaver by adding our application, our integrations team will be notified. We will reach out with next steps and testing instructions.

Step 2: Quaver configures your district for roster syncing with ClassLink

Once you have added our ClassLink OnerRoster API app, let our integrations team know. We’ll need to set things up on our side to pull your district’s data from ClassLink.

Step 3: Testing

Remember that a rostering integration with Quaver requires that we also integrate with a Single Sign On (SSO) system used by your district.

To test that the roster sync is working properly, have a licensed Quaver teacher log in via your district’s SSO integration with Quaver (this may be in ClassLink or in another platform). If this is that teacher’s first time logging into Quaver via SSO, they will see our SSO account provisioning page. This page is important! You can find our step-by-step account provisioning instructions here. When a licensed Quaver teacher has successfully logged in through ClassLink and reached their Quaver account they should see their rosters activated in Quaver.

Step 4: Release

When we have confirmed everything is working as expected, we will go ahead and release your integration on our end.

Please note that all Quaver teachers must log in using your district’s SSO integration to activate the roster syncing with Quaver.