I’m not receiving emails from Quaver but would like to be, what do I do?

Many schools employ firewalls that keep all emails out unless the sender is on their “Safe Sender” list.

If you, or your school or district, is not receiving emails from Quaver, we may need to be added to your “Safe Sender” list. This is also known as “whitelisting.”

If your whole school or district is not receiving emails from Quaver, your IT administrator will need to add Campaign Monitor to your school or district’s Safe Sender list. Campaign Monitor is the service used to send all Quaver emails. Your IT administrator should be familiar with how to do this within your network and it will allow all recipients to receive our emails.

IT administrators can use this Help page provided by Campaign Monitor to learn more about whitelisting their addresses.

Teachers may also want to check their Spam folder to ensure communication from Quaver is not landing there. If it is, please mark it as NOT SPAM.