Using the Quaver Unplugged Kit

A license to QuaverMusic Curriculum resources includes a backup solution called Quaver Unplugged to help teachers continue teaching when the internet goes down or tech troubles arise. Explore this page to learn more about Quaver Unplugged!

What is Quaver Unplugged?

Quaver Unplugged is a collection of offline resources to support teachers in the case of an internet outage. All licenses include an Unplugged Flash Drive. Licenses of 5-years or more also receive the 30 original Quaver Episodes.

Unplugged Flash Drive

The Quaver Unplugged Flash Drive includes PDFs of:

  • All 216 Lesson Plans in the original QuaverMusic K-5 Curriculum
  • Every Printable (Worksheets, Extra Credit, Quizzes, Lyrics) used in those lessons
  • Virtually every Lesson Screen (over 2,500 screens) in static form

The drive also includes an mp3 of one key song per module (a total of 72 songs).

Quaver Episodes

Licenses of 5 years or longer also receive all 30 original Quaver Episodes on 4 DVDs. The DVDs come with the Unplugged Flash Drive in a branded box kit.


Who gets a Quaver Unplugged?

Each purchase of a QuaverMusic Curriculum license includes some level of Unplugged support. These backup resources are mailed to the school or district as indicated at the time of order.

  • 1-year licenses receive the flash drive only in a mailing tube
  • 5-year licenses and longer receive the flash drive plus backup DVDs of the original Quaver episodes in a branded box kit.

How Should Unplugged be Used?

To use the Quaver Unplugged: Flash Drive

  1. Insert the Unplugged Flash Drive into your computer’s USB port
  2. From your desktop, click and open the Flash Drive, which is named QUAVERUNPLG
  3. Click and open the file named LaunchQuaverUnplugged

Unplugged FAQs

I never received an Unplugged or don’t know where it was sent. What should I do?

Please send an email to with your school information, and we’ll check into that for you. If you aren’t brand new to Quaver, please check with your front office to see if a package was received. Mailing times vary based on the school or district’s request for delivery and the number of orders going out each month. Thank you for your patience!

My Unplugged drive isn’t working. What should I do?

Check to make sure your Unplugged drive is up to date by visiting our Unplugged Update Tool and downloading the update for your operating system.

I lost my Unplugged or need an additional drive. What should I do?

Please send an email to to discuss your options for receiving a replacement or purchasing an additional drive ($300 plus shipping).