Quaver and ClassLink

ClassLink is a powerful tool for distance teaching! It’s also a wonderful partner for teachers with QuaverEd resources at their disposal. Consider this your first stop in the journey to combine Quaver and ClassLink in a way that works for you and your students.

This interactive webinar, recorded on September 25, 2020, features Emily Hopkins and Quaver Teacher Ambassador Alex Kayser, exploring all the ways you can use Quaver with ClassLink!

Quaver and ClassLink

Accessing Quaver from ClassLink is easy! We support Single Sign On (SSO) integration with ClassLink, so that users can simply log into ClassLink and then click the Quaver app icon to get to Quaver. We have a native Oauth2 app in ClassLink, and we can also support SAML and LTI integration in ClassLink if needed.

Learn more about getting integrated with ClassLink!

Single Sign On FAQ

Get your questions about Quaver and Single Sign On answered with this helpful FAQ guide!