Manage Your GradeBook

Quaver teachers can manage grades by using the GradeBook feature in Teacher Admin.

Note: The examples used below are from QuaverMusic, but the same functionality is available in QuaverSEL and QuaverMIC curriculum resources as well.

Read on to learn more about this feature!

GradeBook Overview

The GradeBook can be accessed from the Teacher Admin menu.

Your GradeBook is your one-stop shop for managing assignments after they have been assigned and if necessary, submitted. Note that the GradeBook can only be viewed as one class at a time. To toggle between classes, uses the purple dropdown arrow at the top of the screen.

You’ll see the list of assignments that you have given at the top of the screen with the names of all students in your class on the lefthand side. You can choose to sort the GradeBook by clicking the First, Last button. By default, your GradeBook will sort by first and last name in alphabetical order.

You can sort by:

  • Last Name, First Name
  • First Name, Last Name
  • Username
  • Display Name
  • Assignment Due Date

The GradeBook shows eight given assignments at one time. Click the yellow arrows above the purple button to paginate through all of your given assignments.

Understanding Your GradeBook

Depending on your custom assignment settings, your GradeBook will display icons under each assignment and beside each student.

Click HELP and ICON LEGEND to explore what each of these icons represents.

Unless your assignment has a graded element, it will likely show the blue Assigned icon until it is Past Due.

Adjust Assignment Details or Add a New Assignment

If you’d like to adjust the assignment details of any given assignment, click the Assignment name in your GradeBook.

Here, you can adjust the details, delete the assignment from your GradeBook or reassign the assignment to an entire class or an individual student.

If you wish to add a new assignment at any point, click the gray +ADD NEW ASSIGNMENT button at the bottom of the screen. You can also add a new assignment by clicking MENU and ADD NEW ASSIGNMENT.

Reviewing Student Submissions and Grading an Assignment

There are several ways to collect grades for assignments using your GradeBook.

  1. An assessment that automatically collects a score will show the numbered score in your GradeBook.
  2. Teachers can click the icon under the assignment and next to the student name to score that assignment and review submissions.

Let’s talk about the second method, as this is the one you’ll likely use most frequently.

If you have assigned a submittable and gradable resource, there will be an orange checkmark icon under that assignment if the student has submitted the assignment.

Click the orange icon to open the Assignment Review window.

Here, you can chat with students using the Messaging feature, review their submissions, and grade them.

If a student has completed an auto-graded assessment, the grade and answer responses will appear here. Student Recording videos and Creatives screens will also appear here when a student has submitted their finished work. Remember: if your assignment has more than one screen and the submittable screen is not the first one in the assignment, you can paginate through the assignment by clicking the yellow arrows until you get to the submission.

If this is not an auto-graded assessment, teachers can enter the grade and click SUBMIT GRADE. This will appear on the Assignment when students click on it from their Assignments menu and also in your GradeBook.

If a rubric has been applied to the lesson, the Rubric tab will be available next to the messaging options tabs.

The Comments button allows teachers to add any specific feedback or notes to the GradeBook for the specific assignment. (Note: These comments will only appear to the teacher in the GradeBook. Students will not see these Comments.)

Teachers can view assessment data by using the graph tool in the bottom left. Click the bar graph icon to view the Grade Distribution and Percent Missed for each assessment question. See this feature in action.

Download Your GradeBook

Click MENU and DOWNLOAD GRADEBOOK to download or print your GradeBook.

Here, you can choose to download a CSV file or a printout of your GradeBook.