Share Lessons in Your District

Quaver teachers have the ability to share custom lessons with other teachers in their district through Resource Manager.

To share lesson with other teachers in your district:

Once you have created a customized lesson, you may want to share it with other teachers in your district. This is made easy by selecting the lesson within a folder, Menu and Share Lesson. 

To share a lesson:

  • Select a lesson in a folder.
  • Click Menu and Share Lesson
  • You will see the option change to Shared and the lesson icon change colors to indicate it is shared with others in your district.

Additional tips for Sharing Lessons:

  • To find shared content:
    • Teachers on your district license can search Resource Manager for your name or the lesson title.
    • They can also browse all shared resources from the Resource Set Custom Lesson located in the left-hand column.
  • To use shared content: Teachers can drag and drop shared lessons into their own folder structure, creating a copy they can further customize and use.
  • To unshare content: Simple select the lesson again, click Menu and Shared and the content will be unshared.

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