Lesson Adaptations for Social Distance

While Quaver Lessons often suggest using classroom instruments to teach fundamental music concepts, we always encourage teachers to adapt, differentiate, and modify as they see fit! Now, more than ever, you have a chance to do just that, with adaptations to keep everyone safe and socially distant in the music classroom.

Here are just a few ideas from Quaver Trainers and teachers:

Our Rhythm lesson modules across our curriculum would be a tremendous place to start. Body percussion can be used as the vehicle to teach rhythmic subdivisions, note reading, improvisation, and more! Take a look at the following modules in your Quaver curriculum:

  • 2nd Grade – Lessons 7-9
  • 3rd Grade – Lessons 1-3
  • 4th Grade – Lesson 1-3
  • 5th Grade – Lesson 4-6

Next, our summer virtual conference QuaverCon 2020 took place a few weeks ago, when our team provided sessions covering several topics to help teachers gear up for this school year.

In Music Center Maestros: Tips, Tricks, & Tools from Quaver, Catie Dwinal and Michele Hobizal take a deep dive into creating meaningful, effective learning experiences in a socially distant environment! Watch the replay of their presentation and download the presentation slides to learn more.

New this year, teachers can quickly generate QR Codes and Weblink URLs to the majority of Quaver activities, right from the Resource Manager! Search for your desired Quaver resource, open the Menu, and click Get Link, as seen below:

Printing out a QR Code to post near your classroom door (or sending the Weblink URL to individual devices) would be a perfect way to begin your instruction the moment students enter your room!

Have more ideas for socially-distant teaching this year? Share them with us via email at info@quavered.com and we’ll add them to this growing list!