Create a Melody Composer Screen

QuaverMusic teachers can add a flexible composition activity for their students with parameters such as the key, tempo, the solfège to any lesson or assignment.

Read on to learn more about this flexible tool!

Step One: Open a New Melody Composer Screen

You can begin the process on the Resource Creation menu in one of three places:

  1. Open Resource Creation directly from your Teacher Dashboard.
  2. Open Resource Manager, select a folder, and click MENU then NEW SCREEN.
  3. If you are in the process of editing a lesson or assignment, click MENU then NEW SCREEN.

Next, Select Melody Composer from the Resource Creation menu to bring up your editing window.

Step Two: Title Your Screen and Edit Settings

  • Give your screen a title by clicking in the text box labeled “Title” and typing your desired title.
  • Click Enter to close the editing box.
  • Use the options on the left side of the screen to adapt each parameter and add measures.
  • Key: Select from seven different key choices.
  • Tempo: Select a tempo of 60, 120, or 180.
  • Solfège Banks: Choose which solfège syllables you’d like students to use in the assignment or lesson.
  • You can have up to 4 measures in 4/4 time.

Step Three: Add Rhythms

  • Once you’ve indicated the settings and given the screen a title, you can drag and drop the rhythms you would like to have in each measure.
  • You can add additional measures to the screen by clicking the green +ADD MEASURE button.

Step Four: Save and Launch

  • Click SAVE when you’re ready to save your screen.
  • To view your screen, head to your My Custom Screens folder in Resource Manager. This screen will remain in this folder in Resource Manager, ready to be added to an assignment or lesson at any time.
  • To see the screen in action, select the screen and click LAUNCH.
  • The screen that will appear in your lesson or assignment will launch to give you a preview of what you and your students will see.
  • When this particular screen is distributed as an assignment, your students will simply drag and drop the pitch they want for each rhythm based on your settings and then be able to playback their composition.

Ready to learn more about Resource Creation screens? Check out our Training Video for an Introduction to Resource Creation!